About Me

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what’s the thing you’d want the most ?

For me that’s easy, all I’d want is my camera and a really cool lens and I think I'd find joy from the endless possibilities of capturing the beauty that surrounds me. The cool thing about my art and my approach to photography lies in the euphoric feeling I get from being able to freeze time with one click and bring moments to life that capture emotion and really speaks to our hearts.

I was born in the melting pot of London, East London to be exact where my first few years of photography were spent studying the craft...asking, What does this mean? How do I create that effect? To more asking myself, how can I add my own unique style to photos whilst adhering to my client’s wishes? Curious as ever I explored and explored, working with various styles until I found my niche...

As my passion grew, so did my imprint, my own ID as such. I found that the key to creating fantastic images lies in creating a relaxed environment, studying one's surroundings, being engaging and listening, also looking for every little detail that’ll help me to gain that visual edge.

As a result, I found myself honing in on my craft, travelling more, shooting at corporate events, capturing weddings, shooting private portraits and generally capturing real life scenarios in their most natural environments...and it's been all systems go ever since! 

My name is Paul. I am a Photographer

This is what I love. 

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